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* Rucika Safe (SCJ): The Rucika safe connection system uses the Solvent Cement (SC) System which unites spigots and sockets in compound connections by Rucika Tropical Glue glue. This compound connection creates a leak-proof connection system. The Solvent Cement (SC) system can be connected using fittings or without fittings that are tailored to the needs, so that the installation of the Rucikasafe system is relatively more efficient and economical.

* Rucika Lok (RRJ): The Rucikalok jointing system uses a Z-Joint rubber system that integrates with pipes and fittings to create a leak-proof system. The Z-Joint Rubber Ring facilitates lubricant in its connection process, so that the installation of the Rucikalok system is relatively more efficient and economical.

* Quality Standards:
– ISO 4422-1990: Pipes and Fittings made of unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) for Water Supply
– SNI 06-0084-2002: PVC pipes for drinking water channels
– SNI 06-0135-1987: PVC Pipe Joints for Drinking Water

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