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In the world of piping, many methods are used for connecting pipes such as connecting with glue (solvent cement), threaded (mechanical Joint), heating (Heat fusion) and rubber (Rubber Ring Joint). The easiest connection method is the Rubber Ring Joint because when connecting it does not require electricity, special expertise and does not require much equipment. As the name implies this pipe connection only relies on the rubber ring contained in the pipe socket as an adhesive between PVC pipe connections. Rubber as a connection also does not require glue, only needs to be lubricated with water-based lubricants to facilitate installation

Did you know that the rubber used in pipes or joints is synthetic rubber? Rubber raw materials are divided into two, namely raw materials from natural rubber derived from rubber tree sap and raw materials from synthetic rubber (artificial) derived from petroleum, coal, natural gas, oil and or acetylene. With the growing development of human needs and the development of science, the development of synthetic rubber is needed to replace natural rubber which is felt to have limitations on its characteristics such as not being able to withstand high temperatures, not weather resistant, not resistant to chemicals etc. Therefore many finished goods use synthetic rubber, including rubber in pipes and pipe connections in the world. There are several types of rubber used for pipes and connections such as SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), IIR (Isobutene Isoprene Rubber), NBR (Nytrile Butadiene Rubber), EPDM etc.

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
The rubber commonly used in pipes and joints is SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). This type of rubber has good abrasion resistance and is also low in heat or heat. But SBR which is not given additional reinforcing material has a lower strength when compared to natural rubber retreading. SBR as one of the most widely produced and used polymers in the world today is one type of synthetic polymers developed to meet the needs of rubber that cannot be fulfilled with natural rubber.

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