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HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene which is a plastic material with flexible and impact resistant characteristics which is very common to be used as a base material for pipes. HDPE pipe is a pipe with a characteristic black color with four blue strips along the body of the pipe and is often used as a main water supply network for the distribution of homes or other buildings.

Getting to know HDP Pipes HDPE pipes are chosen as the main water network because these pipes have many advantages compared to metal pipes or other plastic pipes. HDPE is famous as a non-toxic plastic material and is safe to use for water consumption because it will not pollute clean water that flows inside and is anti-rust. Then another advantage of HDPE pipes is a high level of flexibility and resistance to impact.

HDPE pipes come from thermoplastic material which will experience a reduction in strength when there is an increase in temperature. Maximum working pressure for HDPE pipes is 20oC, above 20oC will result in a reduction in maximum working pressure or life time. HDPE pipe systems may not be operated above 60oC.

HDPE pipes are also superior in their coupling systems, namely the butt fusion method. This splicing system requires a special connecting machine and detailed calculations in accordance with the diameter and thickness of the pipe which will produce a connection between pipes that are compounded with the same strength as the body of the pipe and will not be released despite being hit by the impact on the joint. With these advantages, HDPE pipe was chosen as the main water pipeline network from springs located in mountainous areas with steep rocky land contours. HDPE pipes are also a piping solution in areas prone to earthquakes, landslides and unstable soils because HDPE pipe connections cannot be separated so HDPE pipes are very safe to use in the conditions of the area. In addition there is also a connection system with mechanical compression joints for pipes with a diameter of 20 mm to 63 mm in diameter and uses an electro fusion system for connecting repairing.

In Indonesia alone the use of HDPE pipes is very much, especially used by the PDAM (Regional Water Company). PDAM chooses HDPE pipes because of its good quality and is superior compared to ordinary PVC (polyvynil chloride) pipes. PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika as a piping system manufacturer in Indonesia also has HDPE pipe products under the Wavin Black brand name.

Wavin Black is a HDPE pipe with high quality material that is produced based on SNI 4829: 2015 and is available in several types of PN (nominal pressure), ranging from PN 6.3 to PN 16 with the availability of varied sizes ranging from 20mm diameter to the largest 630mm. PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika provides Wavin Black pipes in roll form of 50m, 100m, 200m and 300m and in the form of bars with lengths of 6m and 12m. For fittings, mechanical joint and segmented fittings are available.

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